Cheese, wine, traffic jams and a cow

I love the South African Cheese Festival and have been attending it every year for the past four years. It is one of the highlights on my calendar.

However this year with its 10th anniversary having relocated to new a venue, something seemed to be lacking. Whether it was the fact that we left a bit late and couldn’t find Sandringham on our GPS or the fact that the map provided on their website gave incorrect GPS coordinates or the fact that the first sign post for the Cheese Festival was placed 500 meters away from the turn off to Sandringham or even the fact that no-one was using the R101 (a less congested and less complicated route) to reach the venue due to no signs. It could be any of the above mentioned reasons which put a slight damper on my day, especially after I had to spend over an hour in my car before even reaching a parking area and then had to walk 30 minutes to reach the venue itself.

Once I overcame the hurdle of reaching the venue and was inside, the joy of South African cheese and wine came over me and I set about finding new tastes to experience. Among my samplings were, Boland Kelder’s new eco-friendly Flutterby range of wines. The Flutterby wines are packaged in the same polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle used by Backsberg in the production of their Tread Lightly range. The Flutterby range was released over Easter weekend and is not yet featured on their site. It is light and fruity as well as consumer and environmentally friendly.

One of the most innovative ideas I saw on the day was the stall manned by the Animal Welfare Society. The stall was located at the entrance to the children’s area and they were selling cow and dog shaped balloons for R30 each and the entire proceeds went to the AWS. What a great idea for an even greater cause. Though the new venue has a few growing pains to still address, I’m sure that this festival will continue to develop and might just blow your socks off.

This article was first published as a blog post on WINE.CO.ZA, please click here to see the original article.


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