La Vierge wines seduces followers at tweet-up

The Twitter chatter for the first WINE.CO.ZA and La Vierge Wines international, two countries, four cities tweet-up started days before the simultaneous intercontinental event took place on Thursday, 30 June.

The first tweets to go out were from’s very own Twitter account to get the participants to start a buzz on Monday, 27 June. Soon thereafter popular wine review website Real Time Wine posted a competition to their followers on their Facebook and Twitter feeds for seats to the three South African venues (which were filled up in only a few hours).

The evening started with some frustration as most of the mobile networks were experiencing loss of signal which resulted in static twitter conversations with tweets getting out long after they’d been sent or not at all. But this didn’t seem to hamper the tweeters too much as a total of 388 tweets containing the trending topic #LaViergeWines were sent as well as a total of 110 tweets mentioning La Vierge’s Twitter handle @LaViergeWines.

The four cities of Amsterdam, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town all started at the tweeting at the same time but soon it was clear that each team proffered their pace. The Cape Town team seemed to be the most active users with the top five users (calculated on amount of tweets) having been present at the Cape Town tasting (@LaViergeWines, @kungfukittypow, @StefanLuka, @winecoza and @carla_wino).

The tasting kicked off in Cape Town with the 2010 La Vierge Noir which was served with a French Onion soup topped with a cheesy crust and Johannesburg chose to enjoy theirs with duck spring rolls. The top flavour components identified in the 100% Pinot noir were rosewater, strawberries, Turkish delight and mushrooms with the most entertaining tasting tweet made by @dannyrocketer: “Pinot Noir! Like being stroked by a strawberry ghost! In the mouth.”

The next wine on the menu was the 2010 Last Temptation Riesling which showed peach, apricot and floral characters with a fresh acidity as noted by the tasters. Pretoria paired their Riesling with oysters whereas Cape Town chose to pair it with a selection of cheeses. One of the stand out tweets on the Riesling was made by @kgbwine: “Surprisingly beautiful match of blue cheese and Riesling. Brings out the melon, apricot type characteristics loooong finish”.

As the decision to switch to the next white was announced @Merlot_Girl commented on the cheeky names of the wines: “From temptation to original sin, oooh how indulgent & sexy”. The 2009 Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc was next out the bottle and lead to an interesting discussion with both Marc van Halderen (Winemaker) and Krige Visser (General Manager) on labels and the decision that La Verge made to break from convention to create a collection of wines with different personalities rather than a range with identifiable traits.

The characteristics identified in the Sauvignon blanc were asparagus, green pepper, apples and passion fruit and @samswaine summed up the winemaking / marketing team’s sense of humour perfectly with her comment: “La Vierge original sin sauvignon blanc. I’ve just smelt it, not even tasted it. Better than an orgasm!”

The last of the whites the 2010 Jezzebelle Chardonnay was also a big hit, even with those who didn’t normally enjoy Chardonnay. The reds kicked off with the 2009 La Vierge Nymphomane Cabernet Sauvignon / Malbec blend that showed herbs and fruit and was paired at Balducci’s with Lamb barbeque-relish burgers.

When the next two wines, the 2009 La Vierge Anthelia Shiraz / Mourvedre and 2009 La Vierge Satyricon Barbera / Sangiovese / Nebbiolo were tasted the twitter chatter started to die down as the noise level in Balducci’s started to rise. The conversations were mostly centred on the nudes on the Satyricon label which refers to a Roman novel of lust and desire.

The evening ended with the last few tweets proclaiming their favourite wines and their enjoyment of the event. @Blackdelilah‘s tweet summed up the sentiments shared by all: “When visiting Hermanus visit @LaViergeWines, unpretentious, sexy, fun but most of all damn good wines”.

To view a selection of images from the intercontinental tasting please click here. For a list of the venues used for the tasting and the names of all the tasters at the tweet-up please click here.

This article was first published on WINE.CO.ZA, please click here to see the original article.


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