Tips on blogging

On Wednesday, 17 August I attended the Food and Wine bloggers club meeting for the first time at Den Anker Restaurant in the V&A Waterfront.

The format of the evening was simple, two speakers (one on wine and the other on food) told of their experiences as bloggers and in between their musings we were treated to a lovely food and wine pairing.

The two speakers at the August event were Matt Alison from and Nikki Dumas from (not to be confused with the magazine by the same name).

Nikki started off by sharing some tips on blogging which she deemed the ’20 commandments’. Some of her tips were as follows:

1. Write something useful
2. Write something passionately
3. Write something that elicits a response
4. Write something newsworthy
5. Write something humorous

Matt talked about how he got involved in urban farming and was so inspirational that I almost attempted planting a garden when I got home (the paving put a stop my initiative though).

I also saw my competitive side come out in full force when present with the challenge of the evening. The person who generated the most tweets would walk away with a case of the wine from our pairing. Needless to say I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my mixed case of Jordan wines.

The food and wine pairing at Den Anker with six of Jordan’s wines was phenomenal. The menu was as follows:

2009 Jordan Riesling paired with seared and sesame-coated tuna
2009 Jordan Chardonnay paired with truffle enhanced scrambled egg (served in half an egg shell)
2010 Jordan Sauvignon Blanc with a beer poached, katifi-wrapped prawn, draped in a saffron beurre blanc
2008 Jordan Merlot with butter-tender peppered fillet
2008 Syrah with herbed venison with sauce bordelaise

To view some pictures from the event please click here.

This article was first published as a blog post on WINE.CO.ZA, please click here to see the original article.


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