About ME

A lot has changed since I first started this blog in 2010 as part of an assignment for my Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing course.

For one thing I have graduated and am no longer the full time student with loads of free time that I used to be.

I have also started working full time and am currently working at my second real job as News Editor for an online publication on wine. (You can check out my articles at wine.co.za)

Never the less I still have the same values as before and try to volunteer my time when possible. I also try and promote many social issues and community service projects in the wine industry on our site.

I love to travel and to put myself outside of my comfort zone and thereby learn how far I can push myself and what my emotional and physical limitations are.  As opposed to before my travels now have a more definitive purpose and my upcoming trip to Italy will be very much wine themed. (Watch this space)

I’m selectively adventurous; I’ll try most things after careful consideration, and am very fond of food and wine.

I consider myself to be a natural leader and am very grateful to have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be part of amazing leadership teams whilst at University.

So that’s me in a nutshell, but for now my goal is to live, learn, experience and write about wine and the wine industry.


One response to “About ME

  1. Hi Carla,
    The reason the photos on your Blog didn’t come up last night was because the router had jammed! Only discovered that later.
    Your Blog site is outstanding! Good choice of material and well written.
    The branding thread is cleverly weaved into stories around interesting topics and people.
    Liked the presence of Champagne and wine too! I also enjoyed the personal brand article, and of course the Mandela piece.
    It really does all flow nicely.
    Well done, and keep it going!!
    Best Wishes,

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