I love the “other” option. It is the easy way out when you have no opinion regarding a survey. And it is usually the page on a website where you find interesting facts. So here is my other page, where you can have a look at a variety of other things that I have been involved with, which do not relate directly to marketing.

MFM website (where I spent 5 wonderful years as a radio presenter)

BASK website (which I helped design and compile as BASK Chairperson 2008/2009)

Die Matie website (for which I wrote a series of articles between 2006 and 2007)

My articles can be found in:

Die MatieEdition 5 – 22 February 2006 on page 17

Die MatieEdition 6 – 8 March 2006 on page 5

Die MatieEdition 7 – 22 March 2006 on page 6

Die MatieEdition 9 – 3 May 2006 on page 5

Die Matie Edition 10 – 17 May 2006 on page 5

Die MatieEdition 11 – 2 August 2006 on page 9

Die MatieEdition 12 – 16 August 2006 on page 5

In August 2006, I became part of Die Matie’s editorial team for the term 2006/2007 as Intercampus editor. My position appears on page 12 of the August 30th edition. My new position lead me to take on an editing role rather than that of a journalist. I compiled all articles listed under Intercampus editorial team, as well as the World Roundup section and was also responsible for the layout and editing of the Intercampus section.

Die MatieEdition 1 – 30 August 2006 on page 8

Die MatieEdition 2 – 27 September 2006 on page 9

Die MatieEdition 3 – 11 October 2006 on page 8

Die MatieEdition 4 – 7 February 2007 on page 8

Die MatieEdition 8 – 18 April 2007 on page 16

From edition 9 onwards it was decided to merge the Intercampus section of the newspaper into the News section and to change the position of Intercampus editor to that of Special Project/Supplement editor. I remained part of the editorial team till the end of my term in August of 2007.

From January to April 2011 I took part in the inventive Social Media Marketing campaign for Kleine Zalze as one of their Wine Ambassadors posting articles to their ForTheLoveOfWine.co.za site. You can find some of my articles here. I came third in the competition as a job at another wine farm prevented me from completing the remaining challenges.


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