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Wine Packaging Trends

In doing research for an assignment on new wine packaging trends for class, I have come across a few more noteworthy trends in the wine industry and am happy to note that quite a few of them have been adopted here in South Africa.


According to an article on Business Day, the South African Wine and Spirit Board this year approved the use of an innovative PET soft bottle produced by Mondi for bottling wine. The article continues that the PET bottles are fully recyclable and have a much lower carbon footprint than glass.

Backsberg is the first winery in South Africa to adopt the use of the new plastic wine bottles. Their Tread Lightly range consisting of a Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot will be the first certified wine sold in the PET bottles. Backsberg’s proprietor, Michael Back is quoted on their website as saying that “The enjoyment of a great bottle of wine should never be at the cost of the environment”. And I agree.


The Saflite pouch was developed by the South Africa company Astrapak Flexibles together with its first commercial user, The Company of Wine People. According to an article posted on PackingNews.co.uk the three-layer packs – with outside and middle layers of metallised PET and an inner layer of linear low-density polythene – come in 250ml and two-litre sizes that can be flattened when empty.

The Company of Wine People website cites sustainability as a key driver for the implementation of the pouches. It also claims that a single pouch’s carbon footprint is 80% smaller and represents 90% less waste in a landfill compared to two 750-mL glass bottles. The company currently packages its Arniston Bay range in the pouches.


According to can manufacturer Rexam, the can is the most recycled drinks pack in the world and are 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable, with no loss of quality. This is great news for manufacturers who are continuously seeking out new ways to impress the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

Australian company Barokes Wines are the inventors of the innovative and patented Vinsafe™ wine packaging system which enables premium quality wine to be canned with stability and longevity. They boast several awards and patents in a number of countries. Elkan Wine Company was also the first and (so far) only Chilean company to produce wines in aluminium cans. I have yet to see wine cans in South Africa, but I’m sure they’ll make their way here eventually.


According to an article on the Glass News website, Zork wine closures were introduced in the U.S. market in 2008, and since then, have won over dozens of wineries with their wine-protection benefits, practical features, and eco-friendly attributes. The Zork low-density, linear polyethylene closure consists of three components: an outer, tamper-evident cap, an inner foil oxygen barrier, and a plunger that “pops” like a cork when extracted and is easily reinserted.


I saw this at a braai the other night and had to share. A South African company Boer and Brit have come up with a new packaging design for one of their wines. The Bob’s Your Uncle Red Wine Brew, is packaged in a 500ml beer bottle with a crown cap closure. The wine is sligtly sweetened to allow for more easy drinking (straight from the bottle). Though this idea will have to grow on me, the website does boast that you can return the bottle for a deposit and “save a tree”, which is a plus point for me.

That’s all I’ve got for now but watch this space for more wine trends.