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A Champagne tribute to Andy Warhol

French champagne house Moët et Chandon, most famously known for their premium Dom Pérignon brand, has announced that they will be releasing a limited edition series of bottles in honour of American Pop Art icon Andy Warhol.

This co-branding exercise will merge two conflicting ideas of luxury and popular culture, to create a very vibrant and colourful range of champagne bottles.

Andy Warhol’s alternative take on art resulted in his quirky style that blurred the lines between popular culture and traditional art. Warhol’s out of the box thinking resulted in his signature silk-screen style, which was used as inspiration in the design of the tribute Dom Pérignon bottles and packaging.

The collection of bottles are from the 2000 vintage of Dom Pérignon and are the result of a collaboration between the Andy Warhol Foundation, Dom Pérignon and the artistic talents of the Design Laboratory at Central St. Martin’s School of Art and Design.

The range includes bottles in blue, red, violet, emerald-green, lilac and yellow. The six colours that were selected also pay homage to Warhol’s distinct colour palette and succeed promoting his dream of making the world an ever more vibrant place.

The range will only be available in October, in limited quantities at roughly R1200 ($150) a bottle so keep your eyes peeled in stores or order it online to ensure yourself a piece of luxurious popular culture.

There is also a promotional video on YouTube.com, click here to check it out.